Prize List
Prize List

Horse Show Officials
Barbara Feigus
Show Secretaries
Taylor Willever
Taylor Eadline
Horse Show Staff
Food Concessions
Kitchen Outlawz
Above The Standard Show Series
Check back soon for more information!
-A few reminders: 1. We ONLY take cash or check2. Each derby will have posted order of go 3. Pre-entries close 9 pm on Sep 20. Entries received after this time will incur a $20 post entry fee & go to top of posted order4. Hacking only in show ring 6:30-7:30. Crossrail schooling 7:30-7:45. Handwalking only between derbies.
Cross entry clarification!
The same horse and rider combination may only cross enter the Crossrail and 2' Derbies!
We may reach max capacity before the 20th, please send your entries in early!
Last Updated: 2022 Sep 24 06:05 PM

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