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Horse Show Officials
Bobby Braswell - Hunter Judge - Ocala, Florida
Scot Evans - Hunter Judge - Annapolis, Maryland
Bobby Braswell - Jumper Judge - Ocala, Florida
Course Designer
George Heston - Free Union, Virginia
Glena Wirtanen - Phoenix, Maryland
Horse Show Manager
Tom Blankenship - Westfield, Indiana
Show Secretaries
Beverly Abbott - Taneytown, Maryland
Julie Agar - White Lake, Michigan
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Paul Jewell - Pennington, New Jersey
Holly Bachor - Kingston, New York
J P Bordeleau - Wellington, Florida
Roy Coyle - Lexington, Kentucky
Pat Duncan - Wellington, Florida
Show Veterinarian
Dr. Robert Barber - Ocala, Florida
Show Farrier
Joe & Sandy Johnson - Loxahatchee, Florida
Janis Albrecht - Gayesville, Tennessee
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