Believe It or Not!
Next week, show #17, will conclude the first circuit!! The WEC circuit finishes on April 9. Be sure to go to and check your standings in this first of 3 circuits to finish our highly successful winter series. Points ARE retroactive so if you have not yet signed up for points you must do that before show 17 in order to be included in the standings on the website. We have great awards for this circuit, each will be awarded in our winners circle following the conclusion of the division. We are still looking for sponsors for some of our 183 awards we will be giving away, only $250 will include you as a sponsor. Please show your appreciation for the FREE Stalls, Cadet Program, Wheel Winners and become a sponsor of one of these great divisions. See Julie in the office.
Green Hunter 3' and 3'3" have been moved to the R & L Ring, see Daily Sched
Greens are moved for Thursday as well, see attached schedule
Grand Prix Dinner
Shrimp, Chicken Salad with Assorted Breads, Meatballs with Jelly Sauce, Domestic Cheese Tray with Assorted Chips, Fruit Tray, Chips and Salsa, Caprese Salad, Veggie Tray, Relish Tray, BrowniesOnly $20 per person or $150 for a table of 8Get your tickets in the Horse Show Office
Don't Miss the Dog Race after the Grand Prix on Saturday Evening
Stall Reservations
Stalls are not available online. The ONLY way to get stalls is to submit the Stall Reservation Form below following the directions at the top of the form. Please consider submitting your entries on this website by clicking the ENTER ONLINE button above, do not hesitate to call Julie at 248-892-6806 if you need help or have questions. There is a small fee of $1 per show day or $25 for unlimited use for 365 days for each horse entered. This is payable to the independant service that owns the site, well worth it and it waives the late fee if you are not on time.
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