Check In Times and Special Class Information
Check in for the Rood & Riddle $25,000 Grand Prix will be from 3-5pm on Thursday, June 14 with the schooling supervisor or at the farriers stand. Be sure to bring back number and stall location. The 24 hour check in for International Derby horses will be from 3-5pm on Friday at your stall, BE SURE YOU ARE ENTERED BY THIS TIME. The back number should be on the stall door. International Derby jog will be in the Rolex Warm-up from 9-10 am on Saturday, June 16. Declarations for the $50,000 Country Heir Grand Prix are due by Noon Saturday, the 24 Check-in will be from 2-3:30 pm at the Rolex Warm-up ring or at the farriers station. Bring your back number and stall location. Flatting will be permitted in the Stadium for Equitation horses from 6-7am on Sunday.
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Horse Show Officials
Jimmy Toon
Scott Fitton
Jeanne Marie Dunford-Miller
Sue Ashe
Debbie Sands
Holly Orlando
Lynn Forgione
Gary Sylvester
Jeff Smiley
Julie Kasle
Leann Gamboa
Robert McCune
Course Designers
Steve Stephens
Tucker Williams
Joe Carnicom
Nick Granat
Victoria Veale
Laura Reed
Competition Management
Frankie Stark Horse Shows
Horse Show Managers
Tucker Ericson
JP Bordeleau
Show Secretary
Julie Agar
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Tom Blankenship
Office Staff
Scott Brown
Michael Howell
Christine Agar
Barbara Pugerud
Caroline Smith
United State Equestrian Federation Premier - Level 5 Jumper
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