Revised Schedule for Saturday
The Annex Ring schedule has been moved, some classes are now in the Murphy and some are in the Covered Indoor. See revised schedule below.
W9 Required before Prize Money is applied
Please be sure to fill out the W9 below for all horses that are expected to earn prize money and turn it in to the office no later than Friday each week. The software will automatically withhold all prize money until the W9 is submitted.
Jogs and Check-Ins
The Jog for the $30,000 International Hunter Derby will be from 1-2 PM in the Rolex Schooling Arena 2. Check-in will happen at the stalls from 5-7pm on Friday evening. The horses back number must be on the stall door.

The check-in for the $40,000 George Hennessy Grand Prix will take place from 2-3pm on Saturday. You may present your horse to the schooling supervisor or at the Rolex or at the Farriers stand. You must have the back number and stall number at check-in.

The Rolex Stadium will be open for flatting on Saturday for all Equitation and Derby horses from 6:00am-7:30am .
Prize List
Week I Schedule
Stall Locations
Daily Schedule with Counts
Stadium - Orders of Go
Walnut - Orders of Go
Stonelea - Orders of Go

Horse Show Officials
Kent Moeller
Judy Peters
Competition Management
Frankie Stark Horse Shows
Horse Show Managers
Tucker Ericson
JP Bordeleau
Show Secretary
Julie Agar - 248-892-6806
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Mike Ussery -
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