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Horse Show Officials
Barbara Cochrane
Course Designer
Lindsey Caruso
Competition Management
Debra Corr - 349 Sarah Wells Trail, Goshen
Horse Show Manager
Debra Corr - 349 Sarah Wells Trail, Goshen
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Debra Corr
Trish Hetman
Marshall & Sterling League
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Hudson Valley Horse Shows
COVID Procedures (Mandatory)
Any person with known or suspected symptoms of COVID-19 or who has beenexposed to a person with symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, orfever) should follow self- quarantine protocol and not come to any events.Individuals must stay 6 feet apart (Social Distancing) and must not congregate.Individuals must wear a mask or other cloth face covering while on the premises.Once the entries close, we can accurately calculate an approximate showing time for the exhibitor to show. We can safely limit the amount of attendees by doing this and have exhibitors come and show at their given time and leave after showing.ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DONE ONLINE, EMAILED OR FAXED BY TUESDAY BEFORE SHOWNO ONE ALLOWED IN ANY RING PRIOR TO THE SHOWNO HORSES ALLOWED IN RING AREA UNTIL TIME FOR THEIR DIVISION. THEREWILL BE ANNOUNCEMENTS (VERBAL AND ONLINE) WHEN TO COME TO RING.APPROXIMATE TIMES FOR SCHOOLING BREAKS WILL BE PUBLISHED ONLINE ANDANNOUNCED.ALL EXHIBITORS ARE ASKED TO LEAVE SHOW GROUNDS AS SOON AS YOU AREDONE SHOWING FOR THIS REASON NO FOOD WILL BE SERVED. Thank you for you consideration and compliance.
Last Updated: 2020 Aug 16 06:43 PM

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