We are SO grateful for the outpouring of support for our Two Bit Farm Spring Derby Day! We have recieved over 100 entries and cannot accept anymore! There will be no more post entries (except for leadline) and no day-of entries. If you want to bring a leadliner, please email us at We will be ENDING CROSSRAIL SCHOOLING at 7:30 and starting promptly in the crossrail derby in order to get us through the day. We are looking forward to a fun filled day of hunter derbies for all ages and skill levels. Entries close Thursday April 13, 2023 at 9pm. Please make sure you read the general information page of the prize list, and also print and sign your liability waiver ahead of time to help us streamline things the morning of the show. If you have problems submitting your entries on, please email . In order to be eligible for high point Thoroughbred, Amatuer, Junior, or Professional awards you must enter in that class as well as the division you are competing in. !!!MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS PAGE OF THE PRIZE LIST!!!
Horse Show Documents
Liability Waiver
Prize List

Horse Show Officials
Jennifer Shinners
Horse Show Manager
Christine Lyngarkos
Horse Show Staff
Food Concessions
Schaeffer Catering
Show Photographer
Jess Casino -
Please make sure to read and follow the directions page in the prize list. If you are coming with anything larger than a 2 horse trailer, you MUST turn onto Grist Mill Rd from Douglas Drive. If your GPS has you turning onto Grist Mill from Locust Rd, or Pine Forge Rd. amend your route so that you are turning onto Grist Mill from DOuglas Dr. We have a sign at the end of the driveway that sayw Two Bit Farm.
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