Add to your Home Screen Select Show-Live Schedule-Live Results Live results has a tab at the bottom for Numerical list You can click on any horse, person, trainer for all results Live Schedule has start times that are maintained at the ring, be sure to check it out. The bright green light indicates what class is currently running, open it. Come to the office for a quick tutorial.
Prize List
Stall Reservation Instructions
Weeklong Schedule
See LIVE Schedule Above
Circuit Standings Thru Aug 4th
Daily Schedule
Grand Orders
Jumper 1 Orders
Classic Scores
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Horse Show Officials
Horse Show Managers
TJ Campbell
Christy Baxter
Show Secretary
Kelly McCabe-Cyphert
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Mikko Pekkala
United States Equestrian Federation
Last Updated: 2023 Aug 04 4:28pm

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